Plastikov 3D Printed AKM: The Print Heard Round The World

Plastikov 3D Printed AKM Receiver

Have you heard of the Plastikov 3D Printed AKM Rifle? If you haven’t, you’ll soon be seeing it or hearing about it regularly. The mad scientists over at Deterrence Dispensed have been up to some impressive feats of engineering lately. Don’t just take my word for it. Have a look for yourself

This Plastikov AKM is a thoroughly tested design with over 500 rounds (that I know of) put through it. It is an authentic AK type rifle that shoots genuine 7.62×39 cartridges.

Developing The Plastikov 3D Printed AKM

Development of the Plastikov has been a goal of many in the Deterrence Dispensed group. They’ve done such an excellent job of sharing projects amongst themselves under secrecy. I have seen tweets shared from FuggGunControl, CtrlPEW, and others in the Deterrence Dispensed community, which is starting to show solidarity despite the efforts of Big Tech to silence the 3D printed gun community as well as just the gun community itself.

After asking around in the Keybase group, a list of the current projects in development became available. It’s purely amazing and has an exhaustive list of firearms designs underway. Upon further inquiry, I noticed that good ole IvanTheTroll was the mastermind behind the Plastikov 3D Printed AKM Receiver.

From a description made by Brandon Herrera (The AK Guy), it seems to me that the design is very sound using metal trunnions from a parts kit while the walls of the receiver are reinforced with thick PLA. Outside of the original premier video from Deterrence Dispensed, I haven’t seen much up close with the design and being shot, so I am eager to see Brandon Herrera review it and give feedback.

Getting YouTube Famous and Then Some


YouTube isn’t the only venue where the Plastikov 3D Printed AKM receiver is shared. While YouTube is undoubtedly a large platform and despite their efforts to censor and curb gun advocates from producing shows, it isn’t the only show in town. As a matter of fact, with the recent upheaval surrounding gun shows on YouTube, there have been some reliable alternatives like GunStreamer that have popped up to give gun advocates a voice despite censorship from the mob cancel culture. For more information on proofing yourself against censorship, be sure to check out my review of the Guns N Bitcoin podcast.

Plastikov and Other 3D Printing Innovations Run Circles Around Legislation

While we wait for Brandon’s first mags to drop out of the Plastikov, the hype machine is set to full throttle as lawmakers scramble to grasp the basic facts that putting the genie back in the bottle is a fool’s errand. In New York State, Governor Cuomo is pushing for a bill to ban the sales of gun parts throughout the state. While this would put a damper on the physical parts traded, it is interesting to realize that the ideas around DIY gun manufacturing continue to get better every day; and through necessity comes innovation. The schematics for every common-use firearm are available all over the world. With pressure from lawmakers desperately trying to blow out a fire with hot air, the inferno will continue to burn underground like Centralia, PA as more people become aware that Gun Control isn’t about guns, but is about control.

Better Technology and The Extra Benefits of 3D Gun Printing

The Plastikov AKM breaks a new plane in the possibilities of 3D printing. By driving innovation further, learning new techniques, and getting the most out of every millimeter of filament, the gains aren’t exclusive only to gun printing. Many of the breakthroughs apply to other areas of engineering and problem-solving. As technology improves, there’s a mutual benefactor that enables ordinary everyday people. The benefactor is that knowledge is no longer held centrally by groups seeking to influence others by withholding information.

Because of the projects developed by the individuals in these groups, we’re learning what some of the materials are capable of under duress. What we’re learning is primarily due to the physics and forces involved in the mechanics of firearms combined with the pressure released from varying calibers of cartridges. Developing cost-efficient yet durable solutions to everyday problems is a field that has only begun to come into its own. In the last five years, there have been insane developments thought to be impossible before their discovery. Hell, no one thought it would be possible to build anything more than Cody Wilson’s Liberator pistol and with one shot at that. Now there are many projects out there that eclipse the technology of the Liberator.


With manufacturing technology breakthroughs like glass-filled nylon, carbon-infused filaments, and endless applications being tested by the dedicated innovators of these groups will continue to surpass the limits that legislators try to place on people for exercising free will. The Plastikov 3D Printed AKM is testament to that. It was said to be impossible to be successful yet here it is while legislators all across the country barely know the difference between magazines and clips.

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