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My Story: Learn To Code

my Mission

I am on a mission to preserve individual liberty through self reliance, vocation, and knowledge.

The enemies of individual freedom come in two varieties โ€” government employees and enemies of independence from the outside. I fear that our nation becomes an authoritarian state, removes its citizens’ freedoms and responsibilities, and brings us back to a brutal past that is unquestionable.

My mission is to explore and share methods of securing individual liberties despite the efforts of those who wish to deny us of individual rights and freedoms.

In simpler terms, I will define what it means to navigate and survive the weird sort of cyberpunk dystopia of today while preparing for the isolation and dangers of self-sustainability.

Welcome, Cybernaut. Learn, share, and overcome.

Lee Quessenberry Profile

What Is A Cybernaut Vanguard?


A person who uses the internet.


1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.
2. the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force.

Core Values: come and Take Them.

  • Individual rights are above all else.
  • Socialism doesn't work.
  • Knowledge is the greatest civil equalizer.
  • Bitcoin is the greatest economic equalizer.
  • The gun is the greatest equalizer of power.
  • Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

Friends and Sponsors

Friends and Sponsors of my blog allow me to share information with you as well as products and other perspectives that you may be interested in. I will call upon them to provide commentary, reviews, and perspective on many topics here on the blog. I don’t operate this blog for full time employment, so your participation with my sponsors allows me to fund this project.

news and opinion

From 2A to 2FA, I’ll work with our friends and sponsors to bring you the latest on guns, bitcoin, software security, and more.

Product Reviews

Many of my friends and sponsors offer gadgets, products, services, and strategy for navigating the impending cyberpunk dystopia.

tips & Tricks

Gain the skills you need to survive online and off the grid. Discover self reliance and equip yourself for preparedness. Develop systems to thrive.