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Jared’s YouTube Channel is where I get my news on state and federal level issues surrounding the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. I’ll go into a few reasons why I think Jared is doing a tremendous job of providing updates and why all gun owners need to subscribe. Jared Yanis is one of the hardest working names in YouTube when it comes to gun rights. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out his channel, please do. Jared comes from a place where gun rights are heavily infringed upon, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Each and every time I watch his show I recall that he’s actively fighting for his own rights directly while simultaneously keeping tabs on all of the country. It’s quite a testament to fighting for your beliefs and is admirable.

Second Amendment News Fast

Jared delivers headlines faster than most can scrape them off the newsfeeds. He has with no doubt taken his research and fine-tuned it in a way that delivers optimal content as it happens. Jared then religiously relays that information to his subscribers on his channel. Guns & Gadgets is in my top picks for news in general and is my main source for gun-related issues.

Gadgets and Gear

While Virginia has kept the news cycle busy and in turn kept Jared’s cameras rolling, he did manage to sell me on O-Light flashlights before Christmas. Once in a while he’ll do a really cool review of some gadgets and those reviews are worthy of the title Guns and Gadgets. There are playlists dedicated to O-Light flashlights, firearm holsters and belts, and more. There’s a pretty deep dive of essential gear to learn more about.


Jared takes the time to go through his favorite firearms and allows others on the show to demonstrate them as well. You’ll see everything from handguns to rifles and a little bit of in-between.


Jared runs a busy and popular channel despite the looming threat of censorship from YouTube. He’s direct and has a really solid grasp on the laws and proposed bills that are directly influential on the right of Americans to bear arms.

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