This is an ongoing list of services and software that I use. I thought you might enjoy them as well.

Stay Nimble Online

Many people don’t realize the importance of diversifying your online habitat. I am guilty of this as well. I dwell on Twitter, realizing at any day they may cut me off. Here are some tools and places I visit online outside the Twittersphere.

Friends and Sponsors

Friends and Sponsors of my blog allow me to share information with you as well as products and other perspectives that you may be interested in. I will call upon them to provide commentary, reviews, and perspective on many topics here on the blog. I don’t operate this blog for full time employment, so your participation with my sponsors allows me to fund this project.

news and opinion

From 2A to 2FA, I’ll work with our friends and sponsors to bring you the latest on guns, bitcoin, software security, and more.

Product Reviews

Many of my friends and sponsors offer gadgets, products, services, and strategy for navigating the impending cyberpunk dystopia.

tips & Tricks

Gain the skills you need to survive online and off the grid. Discover self reliance and equip yourself for preparedness. Develop systems to thrive.